Medical Volunteers:  Physicians, nurses, and technicians can personally choose where, when, and how best to serve.

  • E-Volunteers: Virtual teams of Haitian and International “e-volunteers” communicate and collaborate via the supported CIC SmartCloud platform.  Their goal is to mold the raw materials of internationally recognized disease management principles or educational content to develop pragmatic Haitian Best Possible Practice Programs and learning materials.
  • Physical Volunteers: On the ground “physical volunteers” participate in the implementation phase and mutual education around the BPPM as the standard of care.  This is the differential expertise that allows sustainability and consistency of care beyond the boundaries of simple and random medical tourism.
  • Micro-Volunteers: “Micro-volunteers”, as a panel of vetted providers, will be available for low bandwidth consultations. These CIC volunteers are crucial to the continuous and consistent evolution of on-site learning and quality care, and segue to the immense potential of telemedicine.